Saturday, 17 June 2017

GK for all competitive exams

Largest Continent-Asia
Smallest Continent-Australia
Largest Ocean-Pacific Ocean
Smallest Ocean-Arctic Ocean
Largest Country-Russia
Smallest Country-Vatican City
Largest gulf-Gulf of Mexico
Largest Bay-The Bay Of Bengal
Largest Island-Greenland
Largest Peninsula-Arabian Peninsula
Logest River-Nile
Shortest River-Roe
Largest River-Amazon
Deepest Ocean-Pacific Ocean
Largest Lake-Caspian Sea
Largest Fresh Water Lake-Lake Superior
Lowest Lake(Surface of Water below sea level)-Dead Sea
Tallest Waterfall-Angel Falls, Venezuela
Deepest Underwater Trench-Marianas Trench
Highest Mountain-Mount Everest
Longest Mountain Range-The Andes of South America
Lowest point on land-The Dead Sea, Israel
Tallest completed freestanding structure-Burj Khalifa
World's current tallest statue-Spring Temple Buddha, China
longest railway tunnel in the world-Seikan Tunnel
Tallest Office Building-Burj Khalifa
Largest archipelago in the world-Malay Archipelago
Largest animal in the world-Blue Whale
Largest land animal-African bush elephant
Fastest animal-Cheetah
Largest bird in the world-Ostrich
Heaviest flying bird-Condor
Largest bird by wingspan-Wandering Albatross
Fastest flying bird-Peregrine falcon
Fastest insect-Horsefly
The Biggest Tree in the World by volume-General Sherman (location-U.S.A. state of California)
Tallest tree species-Coast Redwood
Largest desert in the world-Sahara (Location-North Africa)

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