Saturday, 29 July 2017

Punjab govt Launches "Care Companion Program"

        The Punjab health minister Brahm Mohindra has launched a flagship care companion health scheme on 28th of July 2017.

The objective of this scheme is improving patient outcomes through better family engagement and education.
This innovative program turns hospital hallways/wards into classrooms and taps into the most compassionate and willing resource available for care i. e. the patient's own family, by teaching the family high-impact medical skills to take care of their loved ones in the hospital and at home.
Families will learn high-impact health skills for taking care of the new-born baby and post-partum mother, specifically, baby hygiene, thermal care, breastfeeding, and maternal nutrition. The aim is to reduce the number of baby deaths and complications like infections in the first 30 days’ post-discharge, and ensure adoption of long-term health pro motive behaviours. 

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